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grateful AF (online) workshop

learn about the benefits, latest research & science behind gratitude and how to implement it effectively in your life with vision advisor shenna jean

wednesday november 16th, 2022

5PM pst/8pm est on zoom

can't make it live? you'll receive the recording.

Let’s get real for a second, friend


Do you find yourself constantly getting stuck in thought patterns and negative head spaces that take you down rabbit holes you don't want to be in?

Have you dabbled with a gratitude practice in the past but can't seem to stay consistent with it?

Are you curious about adding gratitude to your wellness practices to support your mental health?

Do you feel like gratitude is a woo-woo thing, total bullshit and not for you?


Until I was introduced to gratitude by a former employer over 10 years ago. I'll be honest, t's been a journey to find the practice that has actually stuck for me. And now I support others in understanding how it works, helping them get clear with their WHY, and sharing the most effective ways to get in action with it.

it's time

You deserve to wake up feeling grateful AF for the life you're creating. You deserve to have tools that shift the narrative in your head. You deserve to deeply appreciate all the goodness in your life that you work so hard for.

Are you getting excited yet?


the grateful af (online) workshop

I've been traveling around the country on tour sharing the gratitude good word and now it's time to bring it straight to you! This is a 90 minute workshop on zoom that gives you all the goods. All the juicy content from my live events and 1:1 coaching modules, from the comfort of your own couch. Pants optional. 


Let’s take a look at what’s inside




Honestly, they are overwhelming. From mental health, to physical wellbeing and most importantly, prosocial benefits. Curious as to wtf that means? Come find out!


science & research

What I've learned over the years is that we're much more likely to do something when we understand how & why it works. There's a lot of info in this area and I break it down in an easy to understand and relatable way for you.


taking action

Nothing is worse than leaving an event or workshop more confused & overwhelmed then before you started. We'll take the time to get you in action during the workshop itself and you'll walk away with a practice you can implement immediately.


The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day: 80% are negative and 95% of them are repetitive.
—let's shift that shit.

This workshop will break it all down for you: the what, how, why and most importantly, help you create a headspace that you want to be in.

You’ll learn about...


Language that will start to shift your mindset immediately


The difference between gratitude and appreciation, and why it matters


What is happening in the brain when you're actively practicing gratitude


Why getting started with a gratitude practice is way easier than a meditation practice


How to use gratitude to fight the negativity bias we all have a predisposition towards


How to implement effectively, it only requires a few minutes a couple times a week

Ok, so how can i get grateful af?

Join me on Zoom on Wednesday Nov 16th, 2022 for a 90-minute workshop! Can't make it live? I got you boo, I'll send the recording for you to participate in when it works better for your schedule. All this, for the price of a bottle of wine. Bonus: no hangover, just an upgraded mindset.


Reg. $66

client testimonials


Shenna is very present, non-judgmental, welcoming... The content itself was fascinating. I loved learning the neuroscience behind some of the more "woo woo" stuff I was already familiar with.


Shenna provides the tools needed for a mindset shift that is vital to achieving personal and professional goals. Thank you for showing up with intention and dedication to your craft!


Working with Shenna has been insightful, transformative, magic, all the things. Her preparedness, her knowledge, how she shows up and holds space and just her realness makes all the difference.


Shenna Jean

My greatest passion in life is helping others make their one day happen. I've been obsessed with personal development from a young age, and wildly grateful that it's crossed over in so many of the professional opportunities I've had in this lifetime. Sharing tools, practices and resources to help people find clarity, shift their mindset and take action lights me TF up!!

These past few months I've been on tour sharing the benefits of gratitude and helping others create a practice for themselves in live events and through 1:1 coaching. I'm stoked & grateful AF to create an online workshop and share these same things with you. You deserve to wake up in the morning with tears of gratitude for this life you've been given and I'm ready to show you how.


It’s time to level up your attitude of gratitude.